Offering only the highest quality

We only recruit readers who comply to the highest standards of skills and service. 
Your profile will not be published on any websites we do not manage, thereby guaranteeing a high quality online experience:

  • User experience focussed
  • Higher call charges to
    • ensure customer expectations  are fulfilled
    • pay our readers more per minute than industry rates
  • Offer our customers more insight into spirituality and life enhancement though blogs, social media and content

Our network ensures usage and quality is monitored. We use behavioral insights and data driven expertise to ensure our customers are provided with the best service allowing you as a spiritual reader can focus on the best service delivery.

Your profile and availability are displayed across the web, only on high quality website associated with our network


Apply to become a reader

Only experienced and confident readers need apply.
You will be interviewed and required to provide a test reading.



Telephone Readings

After confirmation and approval of your reader status you will be shown how to use our online reader system. We will provide full training - it's really easy.

Please note that you must have a telephone landline.

  • Step 1
    • Login to our online portal
  • Step 2
    • Your availability online will be updated in real time and so you when you are logged on you are open to receive calls.
  • Step 3
    • You will be paid for every reading, every week. You work status will be self-employed, and therefore are responsible for your own invoicing, tax and national insurance.